Child Guidance and Management

The center offers children many opportunities to exercise free choice, but there are, of course, boundaries to that freedom. Guidelines are in place to insure the children's safety and to assist the teaching responsibility and consideration for others. We view discipline not as a punishment but rather as a means to help the child develop strategies to discipline themselves.

Center staff members assigned to supervise a child or group of children shall be responsible for their guidance and management.

Managing behavior: when children's behavior is unacceptable, the childcare staff member shall:

A: Use developmentally appropriate techniques suitable to the children age.

B: Use developmentally appropriate separation from the situation only as necessary.

C: Communicate and consult with parents or guardians in implementing any specific behavior management plan. This plan must be consistent with the requirements of this rule.

The childcare staff member shall not:

  • Abuse or neglect children.
  • Utilize cruel, harsh, unusual, or extreme techniques.
  • Utilize any form of corporal punishment.
  • Delegate children to manage or discipline other children.
  • Use physical restraints on a child.
  • Restrain a child by any means other than holding children for a short period of time, such as a protective hug.
  • Place children in a locked room or confine children in any enclosed area.
  • Confine children to equipment such as cribs or high chairs.
  • Subject children to profane language or verbal abuse.
  • Make derogatory or sarcastic remarks about children or families.
  • Punish children for failure to eat or sleep or for toileting accidents.
  • Withhold any food (including snacks & treats), rest, or toilet use.
  • Punish an entire group of children due to the unacceptable behavior of one or a few.
  • Isolate children from all activities for an extended period of time.