Grievance Procedures

Parent/Community/Staff concern & appeal procedure policy:

It is the policy of Stepping Stones Child Development Center to ensure parents/community members and staff (or hereto after referred to as "complainant") an informal/formal and/or appeal process, in which concerns will be resolved in a prompt and fair manner.


Informal Concern Procedure

  1. Complainant should schedule their meeting with the appropriate staff person and/or Administrator.
  2. Staff and/or Administrator should be readily available to complainant with concerns and schedule their meetings within five working days if request.
  3. Should a complainant feel uncomfortable approaching a staff person regarding a concern, complainant may approach the Administrator directly.
  4. A documentation letter should be completed sand presented to the Administrator for appropriate actions.

When the Informal Concern Procedure does not serve to resolve a concern, a complainant may follow the concern procedure.

Formal Concern Procedure

Complainant should compose a letter to the Administrator  while adhering to the following:

  1. The letter shall be placed in a sealed envelope addressed to the Administrator.
  2. The Administrator will investigate the submitted concern within five working days.
  3. Complainant and/or respective staff will be given a written reply within ten working days of the receipt of the submitted form.
  4. Original completed documentation of the concern with resolution shall be filed in personnel records or maintained in the center office.