Philosophy and Methods


The acceptance and understanding of the philosophy and methods espoused by educators, Piaget and Erickson, enable the center's Early Educators to incorporate the following activities:

Indoors: Children choose from a variety of centers such as roleplaying (housekeeping, store, office, workbench, puppets, dress-up, restaurant, construction), science (microscopes, magnifying glass activities, planting, experiments in movement, weight and color, etc.), literacy (books, storytelling, plays), mathematics (beads and lacing, stacking, puzzles, pattern blocks, etc.), art (in the art studio), sand/water table, vehicles, and blocks of all sizes. Centers are expanded or changed on a regular basis to provide variety and new challenges. Activities are open-ended allowing exploration and experimentation with various media. We believe that the process is more valuable than the product.

Outdoors: The play areas and two acres of natural ecosystem offer the children an opportunity to explore and experiment. Children develop new skills on the climbing apparatus, balance beam, etc. or enjoy working alone and together on construction projects or "building a castle" in the sandbox.

Additional equipment such as balls, jump ropes, hoops, and riding toys stimulate the child's interest in movement and improve coordination. Children learn about making choices, sharing, and problem solving as well as developing large and small muscle control during these activities. The role of the Early Educators during this time is that of a facilitator. 

Listening and Structured Play: As children develop, listening and group interaction skills begin to come together.