Radiation Emergency Procedure

The center will have readily available:

130mg potassium iodide tablets, instant orange drink, container for grinding, measuring spoons, cups, cups and spoons, mixing instructions, and medication cup feeder for the children under 12 months of age.

Parental signatures giving the center permission to prepare and dispense potassium iodide mixtures. Potassium iodide (a form of iodide) can help protect you. Anyone with a peanut allergy should not be given iodide.

All employees will be trained in preparation and dispensing mixtures.

Clipboard for each group:

  • Attendance sheets for that day.
  • Emergency authorization forms for each child.
  • Allergy and special diet information for each child.
  • Current list of family names and phone numbers.

Potassium iodide (a form of iodide) can help protect you. These non-prescription pills would be ingested to protect glands in the event of a major nuclear emergency at the Perry Power Plant. People would still have to evacuate the area during a disaster, but the tablet would provide temporary protection from radioactive iodine, one of many harmful products that could escape. In 1986, thousands within the emergency of Chernobyl in Ukraine later developed thyroid cancer, especially children.

Parents are strongly advised to go directly to Willoughby South High School. Do not come to the center! The procedures set forth by the Lake County Emergency Management Agency provide for schools and centers to be notified first and transported first. We all need to follow these guidelines to avoid panic. (If a family refuses to sign a waiver, a staff person will take the children to the nearest pickup spot and remain with them until emergency transportation arrives. At that time, the children will be assigned to the driver for transport to its designated facility.) Staff are not allowed to remain at the center once it is evacuated.